We’re halfway through session! Here’s an update…

Equity in All Places strives to support, disseminate, and amplify policies that increase schools’ holding power and intervene in the school to prison pipeline.  Within the scope of this work, in March, we compiled a list of 2016 Legislation of Interest that is important to our work.
We have now reached the halfway point of the session period. As such, we are now providing this Mid-Session Review—an update of our priority legislation, i.e, legislation that deals directly with the school to prison pipeline, would directly and/or deeply impact our New Orleans education system, or that deals with equity directly. The information will become outdated quickly—as early as next week. However, we believe it is important to provide the space for some reflection at this halfway point.
The information is intended to provide a critical piece of strategy for community organizations, parents, teachers, students, and advocates who want to stay informed on laws that may pass in the 2016 Legislative Session, which will conclude on June 6, 2016.
We hope that the list proves informative to you.